FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions

What are your dice made of?

My dice are made using epoxy resin and are inked using a variety of paints (acrylic, leather paint, etc).  I use a variety of inclusions, many of which are made with resin, as well as items with negligible weight (Crystal shards, flowers, sealed paper, glitter, resin dye, alcohol inks, and glitter)


Are your dice balanced?

The only dice which are “balanced” are casino dice.  Once these have been used they are no longer “balanced”, as there have been different levels of wear on the faces.  Many things can play into how a dice rolls, but these almost all have nothing to do with how the dice are made.  Typically, hand-made dice are made with a high level of care, and you do not need to worry about this. 


I cast all of my dice using a pressure pot to diminish and minimize any air bubbles that could affect this.  Inclusions are either made of resin, or light enough that they will not have an effect on the die.  If you feel comfortable using factory dice at your table, you should feel comfortable using handmade dice. 


Why do your dice cost so much?

All of my dice are designed, cast, sanded, polished, and inked by hand and take many hours to create. My dice are priced as accessibly as possible while still covering the costs of materials, shipping, and the other various costs associated with running a small business - not to mention the craftsmanship that goes into creating one-of-a-kind functional art pieces.


This is also why I offer “Pobody’s Nerfect” sets and individuals at reduced price points.


I don't see any dice in your shop! What's up with that?

Handmade dice are a product that take many hours to make in a multi-step process, and typically I am working on multiple sets at any given time. If I am sold out, hold tight and there will be more soon. Follow me on my socials for updates on shop drops.


The set I wanted sold out! Will you be restocking it?

One of my favorite things about the style of dice making that I do is that every set is one of a kind.  There are a few designs I am able to re-create, but the majority of the dice that I make are one of a kind sets.  If there is something that you loved, and would like a version that is similar (same technique/color palette etc), please sign up for a commission slot. 


Why is the wait for commissions so long?

While I would love to be dice-making full time, I have a day job that I also love! As a result, dice-making is a part time gig for me.  This means I am limited in how many commissions I can take on at any one time.




Do you ship internationally?

Yes! I am located in the United States. I utilize Pirateship.com to get the lowest international shipping rates that I can for my customers. Please be aware that you as the customer are responsible for any customs duties and taxes upon receipt.


I received a tracking number but the tracking hasn't updated. Is my order on the way?

Once packages have been dropped off at USPS I am unable to provide updates beyond what tracking provides.  I have noticed in the last few years that many packages shipped through USPS are not being scanned in consistently.  In cases like this, tracking info will usually show "Shipping Label Created, USPS Awaiting Item" until the package is scanned at one of the next locations or the destination postal office.  I appreciate your patience with this issue as our postal system continues to deal with unprecedented volumes of mail.