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Nesta Dancing in the Hewn City- 8 piece polyhedral dice set

Nesta Dancing in the Hewn City- 8 piece polyhedral dice set

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This set of dice is a layered design. A layer of clear resin on the top face of the die, with swirls of silver and white alcohol ink and silver glitter are backed with a layer of black mixed with shimmering silver white glitter to give the effect of stars. 

This set was inspired Nesta Archeron in the series "A Court of Thorns and Roses".  This set in particular is rooted in the scene of Nesta dancing as a distraction in the Hewn City.  She whirls around the dance floor drawing all eyes to the lines of her body as she moves through the dance, joy infusing her every limb.  She is comfortable and at home in a way Nesta has struggled to be since being Made. It's not often that I read and know EXACTLY how I Want to translate a scene into a design, but this design came to me fully as you see it before you.  

This listing is for the set of dice pictured. This set will include one d20 , two alternate shape d4, d10, d%, d6, d8, and d12.

-These dice are bespoke handmade functional art pieces. This means they are not flawless ; they will have some small cosmetic flaws (small bubbles on the surface or in the dice themselves, micro-scratches on the surface, mold or inclusion marks, and carved in numbers. Some dice will have been patched with additional resin. This can cause small variations in color/visual lines) Anything worse than these flaws will be discounted and marked as such

-All of my dice are made out of resin. The resin is hard but you should be mindful of keeping these dice in the same container as metal dice.   

-All screens have slight variations, and dice will appear different in different types of lighting. I do my best to show my dice at their best. If you would like to see a set of dice in an alternate light , please just reach out!

-For this set you will have a choice between the logo d20 or the 20 face d20. Please reach out to confirm your choice. If I have not heard from you by the end of the shipping window I will select at random.   

-Will ship in 1-3 weeks, if you have a time sensitive event you are shopping for please reach out and I will do my best to accommodate

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