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Wave Breaker 35MM D20 Chonk

Wave Breaker 35MM D20 Chonk

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40 millimeter D20 die for tabletop role playing games. Die is opaque blue resin marbled with white alcohol ink and wisps of gold. It is inked with a deep royal blue. Inspired by Moana, this Chonk asks you to ask yourself how far you’ll go in your ttrpg adventure with it by your side.

-These dice are bespoke handmade functional art pieces. This means they are not flawless ; they will have some small cosmetic flaws (small bubbles on the surface or in the dice themselves, micro-scratches on the surface, mold or inclusion marks, and carved in numbers. Some dice will have been patched with additional resin. This can cause small variations in color/visual lines) Anything worse than these flaws will be discounted.

-All of my dice are made out of resin. The resin is hard but you should be mindful of keeping these dice in the same container as metal dice.

-All screens have slight variations, and dice will appear different in different types of lighting. I do my best to show my dice at their best. If you would like to see a set of dice in an alternate light , please just reach out!


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